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Mid-Year OVEREXPOSED: Jelena 2013

This marks the fourth video where Kingsley discusses how overly exposed the topic of Jelena is, taking the second slot in the countdown for 2013’s mid year OVEREXPOSED.



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Rebecca Black Compared To Justin Bieber… (BS)

Rebecca Black. Some annoying teeny bopper, long story short, made a terrible and annoying music video. Now no offence to the poor little girl, but singing is clearly not her talent. And yet, some people are really quick to compare her YOUTUBE Hits to Justin Bieber…… No sweety, I dont know how this video got over 7,000,000 hits, but theres clearly an issue here.


My Man KINGSLEY (King) Explains it pretty well.


Why do people want and try to make people with Absolutely no talent Famous? Shall we go down the list?

  • Antoine Dodson
  • Rebecca Black
  • Jaden Smith
  • Miley Cyrus

Now Jaden smith is a talented actor, but he cannot rap.

This website usually isnt a Name Dropping Tabloid-ish type site, but My point is!

You cannot Compare ANYONE to Justin Bieber. You really can’t. It doesnt work. There is no “If, And’s, or But’s.”

Just like Greyson Chance. Hes a great singer and pianist, but hes no Justin Bieber. No comparison.