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Justin Bieber: NEVER SAY NEVER Blue Ray & DVD

Never Say Never 3D REVIEW

After all of the incredible theater screenings, Justin’s First and very own Movie comes to Blue Ray and DVD May 13Th! YAY Justy In HD! Lol’, I so cant wait! Being able to have Justin with us and being able to watch him OVER and OVER Again without watching Interviews is Awesome! Even the pricing for the DVD’s are in good range.


(Prices Have Lowered -2013)

  • SD Regular DVD Edition can go for $17.96
  • Blue Ray High Definition can go for $24.96 at WALMART.

I dont know about you, But Ima’ be First in line for my “Bieber DVD!”

Justin Bieber Passes Michael Jackson for U.S. Box Office Crown

Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ takes top domestic box office honors for concert-themed films with $72.2 million, just passing Jackson’s ‘This Is It.’

The Biebs hasn’t disappointed on the big screen.

Paramount’s Justin Bieber: Never Say Never has now surpassed Michael Jackson This Is It to become the most successful concert-themed movie at the domestic box office.

Through Sunday, Justin Bieber had earned $72.2 million at the domestic box office. Sony’s This Is It grossed $72.1 million domestically.

Justin Bieber, released six weeks ago, was directed by Jon M. Chu.

However, This Is It still holds the worldwide record, having grossed $189.1 million overseas for a global cume of $261.2 million.
Usually, concert films don’t travel well.

Justin Bieber has grossed $10.8 million at the international box office, a solid number, considering that the Jonas Brothers grossed only $4 million internationally, while Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour earned $5 million (Hannah Montanagrossed $65 million domestically).

Paramount insiders believe Justin Bieber could ultimately earn $20 million internationally. So far, the movie has done best in Latin America, where star’s fan base is strongest.

Justin Bieber was produced by Paramount’s low-budget division Insurge Pictures. The studio has shied way from calling the film a concert movie, since it delves into Bieber’s childhood and rise to pop icon status.

Paramount also took the unprecedented step of updating the movie with new footage early in its theatrical release, so as to encourage repeat business. The move worked.

Better Than Michael Jackson?

Justin Bieber Is Destiny. Justin Drew Bieber Isnt going anywhere.

The Prince Of Pop


Justin Bieber: NEVER SAY NEVER


One of the most anticipated movies for girls under the age of 16 came out on this past February 11. People were getting to the theater hours before the movie even started just to get a good seat for Justin Bieber’s movie Never Say Never to start. As the lights dimed, the audience went crazy, waiting in anticipation. There were Justin Bieber shirts everywhere you looked. People were even standing up in the middle of the theater dancing to the beat of the songs.

Never Say Never takes you on a journey, a journey through a boy’s life. A boy that was just a regular kid, just like yourself. He followed his dreams and is now insanely famous. Bieber’s hit movie started with a home video from his toddler years. The movie has all the events he went through before he became famous. There are video clips of fans expressing their love for Bieber and what they like about him the most. The movie also includes how Bieber tries to be a normal kid with a normal life and have fun with his family and friends. While the movie is mostly about before Bieber was famous and everything he went through on his tour, about every fifteen minutes, there were videos of him singing songs that he sang at his concert. The first song is “Love Me,” Bieber third hit single from his first album, My World.

Never Say Never is a very inspirational movie. Even if you don’t like Bieber, you should still see the movie. It makes people believe that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. And don’t forget to follow your dreams, and of course, never say never.


Justin Bieber NEVER SAY NEVER 3D Premier



Original Article Posted On The Justin Bieber Shrine.
Written By: The Bieber SPACE Owner
Posted: 2/10/2011 


Speaking as a fellow Belieber, I absolutely LOVED this movie! Best movie of 2011!

Its so inspiring, from the first couple moments before hitting the stage in Madison Square Garden flashing back to his young life back in Stratford Ontario from when he was just a little boy. Justin does indeed prove anything is possible.

This world may seem big, but Justin shows that we all can chase our dream and make the world ours and turn it into something good.

I personally love Movies, so to see a movie all about Justin Bieber is Awesome! Justin’s fans are just as big of a star as Justin is in this movie. You can tell Justin loves his fans and that his team is genuine. Being able to give out Expensive concert tickets to people without them any where from the 1St row to the 7Th row is just Amazing. This movie goes to show how hard Justin worked to get to where he is today. Justin isnt manufactured, but Human. Justin does get physically exhausted and he does work 24/7 to make his fans happy and to make something of himself. Quoting Ryan Good “His talent comes natural, but there is still work that needs to go into that.”

Everytime we watch an interview, or read a magazine etc. Were only getting a glimpse of Justin’s personality. You don’t really know him until you watch this movie. This movie shows how goofy and silly he is and I think thats great. It shows what a happy person and how funny he really is. This film brings out a whole other side to him that hardly any of us fellow Beliebers knew that was there.

The 3D effects in this movie were just Incredible. The dancing, the staging, the detail is all just amazing.

This movie Isn’t just for fans or teen girls. Its for everyone. Its not a concert film, its about a boy with a dream who went through everything to make it happen if you just believe. I am a little upset that there weren’t a whole lot of male fans that were shown in the movie, and I don’t feel that Justin is as dedicated to his male and other fans as he is to his female fans. But I do believe hes grateful and this was all deserved.

The way Justin was recorded as a kid and how a lot of his life moments were recorded is just Destiny to help bring this film to touch others to follow their hearts and dreams.

Justin Isnt perfect but is an Absolute Amazing person and its Destiny how everything came together.

Selling out in Madison Square Garden at 16 is just Surreal. This kid knew what he wanted. Justin is the start of a legend,

Our mothers and grandmothers and the last generation may have lost there Michael Jackson, but we have our Justin Bieber of the 21st Century. It was just meant to be.

“Born To Be Somebody.”