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Justin Bieber Buys Mansion In Calabasas


We’ve been on this story since the beginning, and Justin was finally able to close a deal on a SWEET beautiful mansion in Calabasas!


Justin Bieber has haggled his way to Calabasas by purchasing a 9,000 square foot mansion.

After negotiating back and forth with the seller — who wanted $7.5 million — Justin inked the deal for a little more than $6 million.  He’ll get the keys by the end of June.

The Mayor of Calabasas, Mary Sue Maurer, couldn’t be more thrilled, “Justin is welcomed to Calabasas and his privacy will be respected just like everyone else’s.”  Thing is … Justin’s privacy problems are not at all like everyone else’s.

One of the big attractions for the Biebs — the property is nestled in a gated community that has not just one but two security gates.

The weird thing — Calabasas is a suburb outside of L.A. 22 miles from the heart of Hollywood.  You would think an 18-year-old gazillionaire would like the action, but he seems to get plenty of that anyway.



“Everybody posted pictures of Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood Mansion on Tumblr, saying that Justin bought it for Selena and himself…

Lol, Us & TMZ told you it wasn’t confirmed yet. So if you assumed & made yourself look dumb, that’s on you ;-)


Justin Bieber PUNK’D, Not A ‘Public Service Announcement!!’


September 28T 2011 we wrote & published a video and article of Justin Bieber fighting.
We all thought it was a Public Service Announcement against bullying. It’s actually a PUNK’D video!



We were wondering what happened to the PSA, and it makes sense now why the video wasn’t published.
They filmed this PUNK’D episode a long time ago.

Did you guys like PUNK’D tonight? Funny stuff! Justin is indeed “UNPUNKABLE” ;-)


The altercation was supposed to freak out Miley Cyrus, because she thought she was PUNKING Justin, a prank gone wrong.


Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless For Screaming Beliebers

A crowd of Beliebers were thrilled to see Justin skateboarding outside his recording studio in Miami last night — then he took off his shirt and they went BALLISTIC.

Bieber was at the Hit Factory and a crowd of about 60 fans gathered outside. According to one witness, the group waited about five hours for a glimpse of the Biebs, when he finally obliged and came out to skateboard for a few minutes.

Nice Abs Bieber ;-)



P.S. I have the picture above, as my Poster in my room xD Isn’t it so yummy??!!! :-D

Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian Hook-Up in Miami

It has been almost two years since Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian gave millions of Beliebers minor heart attacks when they posed together at the White House.


Kim has been in Miami scouting out new locations for her family’s business. While in the city, she couldn’t help herself from checking up on The Biebs. Justin has been up in the studio for the past week, and a little female company was most likely greatly appreciated. Kim and Justin have not talked about their little meeting, but the cameras were there and caught Kim heading into the studio. Who else would she be visiting? Unless, she’s cooking up a new scheme and is preparing to jump into the music business… God help us.

Justin has been hanging with some older guys who were probably happy to see the luscious reality star. The hundreds of —
Beliebers staking outside the studio were overjoyed to get a glimpse of Bieber and the hot reality star that night. Timbaland’s brother, , tweeted a picture of himself and Kim in the studio.


Justin Bieber was nowhere to be seen, but Mosley acknowledged he was around. In fact, he kept up a running commentary on the massive number of fans who were staked outside the recording studio. Beliebers tweeted Mosley begging him to convince Justin to walk outside so they could catch a glimpse of him.