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Will.i.am Says Justin Bieber’s Career “Could Be Like Michael Jackson”


Will.i.am is the biggest Belieber in Justin Bieber. The Black Eyed Peas frontman made a pretty bold claim about The Bieb, likening the 17-year-old singing sensation’s career to none other than the late, great King of Pop: Michael Jackson!

Will.i.am is currently working with JB on his third studio LP, and recently gushed about the pop star to Radio Disney.

“I was with Justin Bieber in the studio two days ago, working on his new album, and we had a really great conversation,” he revealed to the radio show, via MTV UK.

“Justin Bieber could be like Prince,” he continued. “Justin Bieber could be like Michael Jackson, where his career is like, ‘Wow! Explain [how] it’s 2030, Justin Bieber, [and] your career is so long. You’re the first artist to be broadcasted to Mars. How do you feel about that?’ Justin Bieber could be that dude.”

So what exactly was the conversation about?

“That’s the conversation we had, and then we started working on things from scratch like here, right. I wanted to do something with Justin that probably no other producer would do or took the time to think about to do,” he said. “You know, I’m excited about the stuff we’re making.”

I don’t know about you Beliebers, but the fact that Will.i.Am is Actually Collaborating with Justin Makes me EXTREMELY FLIPPIN’ PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

I am SOOO Excited to see what the Dynamic Duo is fixin’ to cook up for us Beliebers! ;-)

You ‘KNOW,’ this is guna’ be good! Will.i.Am ALWAYS Brings it to the Table!

FORBES: World’s Most Powerful Celebrities (Justin Bieber Web Rank)


The INFAMOUS FORBES! Forbes Ranks Justin as Number 2 in The Worlds Most Powerful Celebrities On The Web!


Indeed. After all, he is the King Of The Internet, next to The Queen Of The Internet; Lady Gaga! Well… She didn’t really get her start from the Internet like Bieber did. So Cross that out :-P

Anyways, Im so Proud of Justin with all of the Success hes had these past Two Years! He’s accomplished so much in such a short period of time in his life. He pushed, fought and Won people over!

NEVER SAY NEVER 3D, Justin’s story is a FOREVER Phenomenon.

The Prince Of POP

Justin Bieber Way

I know We already posted the Picture on our Facebook Page, but we still need to cover this :-D


A street in Texas has been renamed “Justin Bieber Way” after one of his fans got to be mayor for a day.

Governor Rick Perry isn’t the only Texas politician making headlines, although the term “tea party” might mean something different to 11-year-old student council member Carolina Gonzalez. The lucky young lady jump started her career in politics by winning a contest that resulted in her being named “Mayor for the Day.” Her first official order of business as Mayor of Forney, Texas, was to rename Main Street after her favorite pop star.

Unfortunately the town couldn’t reach the Biebs before the sign-changing ceremony, but hopefully Carolina Gonzalez will have a special memento of the momentous occasion—the Justin Bieber sign will only cover the Main Street sign while she is mayor, so maybe she’ll get to keep it when it gets taken down. And before she gets accused of any wasteful government spending, take note that the sign only cost $20.

However, the fact that the street will only be named Justin Bieber Way for a day might disappoint the Forney, Texas Beliebers living on Main Street—they’d surely be the envy of all their pals by getting a new address featuring the name of their idol.

Carolina might come under fire from some for representing what is wrong with the youth of today because she used her day as mayor to do something so silly, but it could have been a lot worse—she could have renamed the road “Selena Gomez Sucks Street” or “Die Selena Die Drive.”

But instead of attacking the girl that so many Justin Bieber fans see as a romantic rival, she did something that got a laugh (and national attention). Perhaps politicians could learn something from her lighthearted way of governing.


I say The LAS VEGAS Strip needs to be Renamed to

Las-Bieber!!!” xD That would be SOOO #BADASS!

Justin Bieber Tops Teen Rich List

According to SeattlePI.com


Justin Bieber has topped a poll of the richest teen stars, pulling in a staggering $53 million in 2010 alone.

The “Baby” hitmaker has enjoyed stellar success since shooting to fame in 2009, and his bank balance has been given a huge boost as well.

Bieber’s 3D concert movie “Never Say Never,” his perfume line and record sales have amassed him a $53 million fortune, according to People magazine’s list of the wealthiest teenage stars.

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus isn’t far behind, with a 2010 paycheck of $48 million thanks to her recent world tour.

Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas pulled in $12.5 million, followed by Will Smith’s kids – Jaden and Willow – who both banked an estimated $9 million each.

Also on the cash countdown are Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez ($5.5 million).


SWEEET! So Now He Can Be My, Suga Daddy ;-)