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Justin Bieber’s Toy Line To Be Discontinued

Justin Bieber Toys Discontinued (Featured Image)Justin Bieber’s toy line is being discontinued. A statement was released on JB Toy’s official Facebook page:

“Hi Beliebers! We appreciate your support for our JB toy line, but our contract is now over and we will not be making any new items.

our contract with JB’s team expired and we’ve agreed not to renew it because of Justin’s priorities and the lack of retail interest.

It’s been a lot of fun making JB toys for the last 4 years, but our time is done, so we will be deleting (our Facebook page) on Wednesday, 11/20. Please be sure to like The Bridge Direct for all the updates on our other toy lines”

This is a loss to his fans, and it’s too bad that Justin and his team aren’t focusing more on his merchandise. Thanks to The Bridge Direct for making the awesome Justin Bieber toys they put out these last few years!


NEW JB Plush Teddy Bears!

YAY Two more Plush Justin Bieber teddy bears have been manufactured and added to the Collection!


Sneak peak of “Never Let You Go” singing doll coming to the UK this fall! By JUSTIN BIEBER TOYS


I recommend you like their Facebook Page and see their Website! Tons of awesome updates and cool JB merchandise!



Will It Blend? -Justin Bieber


I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but its fun to watch! :-D

And if you read the comments below the video, Of course it’s nothing but Bieber Haters.

Heres a little shout out. Terrorists are Promised 72 Virgins. Bieber has 15 Million +. So either way Justy wins ;-)

EXCLUSIVE New JB Never Say Never Singing Doll At Walmart This Month

Okay… Why Walmart?…

Look for these dolls at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Etc

Be sure to look out for more Dolls like these NEW Justin Bieber Dolls! Somebody To Love, And Love Me.