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TWERK — Justin Bieber (Leaked Track)

Twerk - Justin Bieber leaked trackAn unofficial leaked version of “Twerk” featuring Justin Bieber has recently surfaced. The track has been taken down from both YouTube & Sound Cloud, however you can listen & download the track below!

There’s no doubt that the vocals are Justin’s, so what’s your take on this song?

I personally think that Justin needs to enter the Hip-Hop/Rap game and balance those genre’s with Pop music like how Nicki Minaj does it.

Chris Brown Angered Justin Bieber With His ‘Girl Business’

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber might seem like they’ve been BFFs of late, but Bieber has learned that Brown is not someone to be trusted.

The two recently collaborated together on the single “Next 2 You,” but Chris stood Justin up in the studio. The impatient pop star with the better work ethic went ahead and recorded the song on his own, with Brown showing up after the Biebs had already finished his part.

So why couldn’t Chris make it to the recording session on time? Well, according to him, he was all the way across town “handling some… girl business.” Considering what kind of business Brown has had with girls in the past, he probably wasn’t romancing a lady friend with a picnic in the park.


Anyway, the bad influence on Justin Bieber went on to say that he simply checked out the recording, called it “crazy,” and dubbed Justin a “great kid” and a “young, energetic cat” (which kind of makes sense — Bieber is the exact opposite of Brown, who has proved that he can be a real dog).


Brown went on to say that “little girls [will] love [the] record” (it’s just a shame that little girls even listen to Chris Brown after what he did to a woman).


So why is Justin Bieber hanging out with Chris Brown, anyway? After all, Rihanna has shown her love for the pint-sized pop star in the past, so it’s hard to imagine that the Biebs would want to disrespect her by befriending the guy that brutally beat her (unfortunately, Brown’s career hasn’t taken such a brutal beating since). And it’s also crazy that his girlfriendSelena Gomez doesn’t mind spending time around Brown — she and Justin even went on a double date with Chris and her BFF Demi Lovato.


So does Justin Bieber think that being associated with the R&B singer gives him more cred with older audiences? Or is it even possible that he looks up to Brown as some sort of role model? Then, of course, there’s always the possibility that he’s just like any other young teen boy and thinks that it’s cool to hang out with someone older.


Whatever the case, it looks like Justin Bieber might finally be getting a taste of the immature, selfish, and disrespectful person Chris Brown has proved himself to be in the past, so hopefully their friendship isn’t going to last.

I like this article because I totally agree, I dont know about you Beliebers, but Justin and Rihanna seem to have pretty good chemistry. And how can Justin have respect for someone like that who beat the hell out of your friend?

Its not like Brown changed or anything. Any money, Justin were to leave Gomez alone in the room with Brown and she’d walk out lookin’ like Hamburger meat.

Well look at Diddy. Rapist, drug dealer, a murderer, a Pimp, and yet Justin hangs around this guy too.

My only question is, WHERE IS PATTIE MALLETTE?


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Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber OFFICIAL Next 2 U Music Video!


The LEAK Just wasnt cutting it. What An AWESOME VID! Good Job CB and JB! Make an Awesome Team and Collaboration!!! Video was Crazy! The whole story line is incredible! I don’t know what the Hell Chris Brown was doing having a Seizure on Camera, but it wasn’t the appropriate Time Considering THE SKY WAS FALLING!!!!! But It Was GREAT!

Justin was TOTALLY Workin’ it in this Video! Woo Sexy Bieber! ;-) It was like watching a Movie!… All romantic an s***.


Awesome Work Guys!!!

Its like 4:00 AM US Mountain Time when this was Released…. :-P

Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber NEXT 2 U LEAK!!!

Chris Brown’s much awaited music video in support of Justin Bieber-assisted single “Next 2 You” has gone viral. Directed by Colin Tilley, it features Breezy and Bieber living in a town which turns into a complete chaos. The apocalyptic-themed clip is sealed with a rooftop kiss by Bieber and his on-screen girlfriend.

While the Canadian singer has a happy ending, Breezy joins the confused town residents and wanders aimlessly on the chaotic streets. “I would play it to the actual song, and at one point of the song, there were all these dancers dancing on these street elements like benches and tables and stuff like that,” he said.

“From there, it just started to evolve from street elements and this whole underground vibe to just getting crazier and crazier. I wanted to make sure it was really exciting,” he added.

“Next 2 You” is a song from Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” which was released in March this year. The song debuted at No. 10 on the Hot Digital Songs chart and appeared at No. 26 on the Hot 100 chart.


Personally, I really didnt watch this Considering the Video Resolution is Atrocious! I think i’ll wait to “Really,” Watch this! :-D But from what I saw, Of course HD Bieber look as sexy as ever! ;-)

If you can look beyond the terrible video resolution, ENJOY! :-)