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Justin Bieber’s Ass Flash!

Justin revealed another personal part of his body, and of course Beliebers went ape sh*t when a picture of his ass crack popped up on Instagram this week.

The photo doesn’t really show the whole thing though, so it’s not really worth the hype. Next time, Justin should bare his whole front side ;-)

Justin Bieber Buys Mansion In Calabasas


We’ve been on this story since the beginning, and Justin was finally able to close a deal on a SWEET beautiful mansion in Calabasas!


Justin Bieber has haggled his way to Calabasas by purchasing a 9,000 square foot mansion.

After negotiating back and forth with the seller — who wanted $7.5 million — Justin inked the deal for a little more than $6 million.  He’ll get the keys by the end of June.

The Mayor of Calabasas, Mary Sue Maurer, couldn’t be more thrilled, “Justin is welcomed to Calabasas and his privacy will be respected just like everyone else’s.”  Thing is … Justin’s privacy problems are not at all like everyone else’s.

One of the big attractions for the Biebs — the property is nestled in a gated community that has not just one but two security gates.

The weird thing — Calabasas is a suburb outside of L.A. 22 miles from the heart of Hollywood.  You would think an 18-year-old gazillionaire would like the action, but he seems to get plenty of that anyway.



“Everybody posted pictures of Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood Mansion on Tumblr, saying that Justin bought it for Selena and himself…

Lol, Us & TMZ told you it wasn’t confirmed yet. So if you assumed & made yourself look dumb, that’s on you ;-)


Madame Tussauds’ Terrible Justin Bieber Wax Figure

Madame Tussaud’s debuted an unrecognizable Justin Bieber wax figure in Hollywood on Friday.

He’s gone through major physical changes since his discovery at the age of 13, but a virtually unrecognizable Justin Bieber now exists.
It was the wax museum’s version of a birthday present to the finally legal pop star, who turned 18 on Friday.

Though the details are accurate, the waxwork is far more feminine than the pop star is himself.

Bieber fan – Alisha Purdom uncovered the wax figure before taking a picture with it, not minding the differences in her idol.

The whole facial structure is off! This is an insulting parody to Justin! If I were him, I would be pissed, telling them to fix this pathetic fugly mockery.



Do you think this new wax figure looks like Justin?
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Happy Birthday Kidrauhl!

Justin’s 18Th Birthday On ELLEN

Happy Birthday Babe. We Love You.

Seeing you grow from that little boy in a gray hoodie singing “Aye Aye Aye,”
to this gorgeous & gracious guy.

Our little Bieber is all grown up!… Hes a man now (:

It’s a sad happy day.

Happy 18Th Birthday Justin Drew Bieber ♥


It’s been an amazing experience following your Journey on this site.

We’re your Beliebers Justin. We’ll be right by your side,
18 or 80.

Forever And Ever ♥

Have An Amazing Birthday Kidrauhl!