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Justin Bieber Leaked D*ck Pic! — October 2014

So, the moment we have all been waiting for! A recent picture has surfaced of Justin taking a selfie with Jerry. I nearly had a heart attack when I first saw it, so enjoy! Don’t say I never gave you guys anything! ;)

Click the thumbnail to view the uncensored image.

JB Thumb

With every “alleged” nude picture of Justin that hits the web, there’s always skepticism of the picture’s authenticity. Do you think the image is real? Drop a comment below!

Justin Bieber Chats To James Barr On Capital FM (Jerry Talk)


Justin’s 18 now, I love how hes comfortable with talking to random ass strangers about his Penis lol.

his laugh at  is the cuttest laugh ever ♥

Believe is FINALLY ON ITS WAY! We’re in the Promoting stage, we get to see more of Justin everyday & view tons of Interviews & pictures online right before the big album drops! You ready Beliebers? ;-)

Who Is Jerry?


‘‘ is currently trending on twitter. Capital FM ( a UK radio station ) asked a Belieber over Twitter —



Justin is obviously familiar with term Beliebers came up with for his Penis — “The BieberConda” ;-) So earlier this month, he decided to give his Dick another name lol.




No one on the front line of Justin’s team is called Jerry, so Belieber, being the nasty & crazy bitches that we are, claimed that name.

Jerry does sound a lot better than “BieberConda” tho.

What do you Beliebers think? :-D

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Justin’s “Really Big Dick” Tweet