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BELIEVE 3D Announcement!

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that Scooter Braun announced that they are filming BELIEVE 3D on stage in Miami on January 27Th! Jon M Chu, (The director of NEVER SAY NEVER 3D,) has tweeted multiple photos confirming the production.

There has also been signs at various Believe Concerts, advising people that they were filming the event, and that they’d consent to being filmed and photographed by entering the specific area.

Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber OFFICIAL Next 2 U Music Video!


The LEAK Just wasnt cutting it. What An AWESOME VID! Good Job CB and JB! Make an Awesome Team and Collaboration!!! Video was Crazy! The whole story line is incredible! I don’t know what the Hell Chris Brown was doing having a Seizure on Camera, but it wasn’t the appropriate Time Considering THE SKY WAS FALLING!!!!! But It Was GREAT!

Justin was TOTALLY Workin’ it in this Video! Woo Sexy Bieber! ;-) It was like watching a Movie!… All romantic an s***.


Awesome Work Guys!!!

Its like 4:00 AM US Mountain Time when this was Released…. :-P

Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber NEXT 2 U LEAK!!!

Chris Brown’s much awaited music video in support of Justin Bieber-assisted single “Next 2 You” has gone viral. Directed by Colin Tilley, it features Breezy and Bieber living in a town which turns into a complete chaos. The apocalyptic-themed clip is sealed with a rooftop kiss by Bieber and his on-screen girlfriend.

While the Canadian singer has a happy ending, Breezy joins the confused town residents and wanders aimlessly on the chaotic streets. “I would play it to the actual song, and at one point of the song, there were all these dancers dancing on these street elements like benches and tables and stuff like that,” he said.

“From there, it just started to evolve from street elements and this whole underground vibe to just getting crazier and crazier. I wanted to make sure it was really exciting,” he added.

“Next 2 You” is a song from Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” which was released in March this year. The song debuted at No. 10 on the Hot Digital Songs chart and appeared at No. 26 on the Hot 100 chart.


Personally, I really didnt watch this Considering the Video Resolution is Atrocious! I think i’ll wait to “Really,” Watch this! :-D But from what I saw, Of course HD Bieber look as sexy as ever! ;-)

If you can look beyond the terrible video resolution, ENJOY! :-)

Shooting The NEXT 2 U Music Video!

YAY! Love the song, and the video is going to be amazing! Justin took to his


Omg this is going to be awesome! I wonder what the theme is going to be about. :-D Chris Brown and Justin Bieber collaborating is an interesting mix. Lets see what they cook up!

This picture looks pretty cool, nice location. However, the long hankie isn’t that appealing…  But then again with anything Bieber wears, He looks sexy in anything! ;-)