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Justin Bieber’s Ass Flash!

Justin revealed another personal part of his body, and of course Beliebers went ape sh*t when a picture of his ass crack popped up on Instagram this week.

The photo doesn’t really show the whole thing though, so it’s not really worth the hype. Next time, Justin should bare his whole front side ;-)

Dirty ”Boyfriend’ Lyrics?

As you can see in the picture above, it says swear words like ”shit” and it also says—

send you pic’s of my XXX if you keep it on the low shh shh ey, can you keep a secret I GOT A SUPER SIZE, you wanna see it

No doubt he’s talking about his penis. Something seems a little fishy here.
Some people think the boyfriend lyrics that were released on justinbiebermusic.com were fake… I know Justin’s a prankster but the Boyfriend countdown is legit and Justin’s not the person posting all the exclusive content on the site, his team is.

So I don’t think the lyrics on the site are fake, but I also don’t think the ones in the video (the ‘dirty’ ones) are fake either.

Now I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which lyrics are real. The Clean, or the dirty ones. Either that, or they’re making Two separate Explicate & Clean versions.

In the 16 & 47 Second Teasers, Justin’s team has Blurred out the lyrics in the video, as you can see in the image below.

Bieber’s camp took notice to this situation real quick ;-) I wonder why they felt it was necessary to blur out the Dirty Lyrics if Justin is an Adult now..

Justin’s a grown ass man now, let him cuss as much as he wants.



Ahahaha! Of course its PHOTOSHOP but it’d give you an idea I guess ;-)


The body is a little too skinny. Look at where the Arm wraps around Justin’s neck… Looks like a Crack Heads body.. Or Miley Cyrus’s.. xD Okay THERE WAS A JOKE THERE, had to do it :-P But if you glance at this Picture for a second, it looks like Jelenas Conceiving Little “Jason Born,”  LIVE on the beach!

This photo is AWESOME LOL! Of Course this is A Joke ;-)

Jelena Marriage Proposal -Hoax via The Justin Bieber Shrine


Some people have came to me very upset claiming they have seen an Article on The Justin Bieber Shrine about Justin Bieber Proposing To Selena Gomez.

Let me point out a couple reasons why this is Fake.

Justin obviously comes from a very Moral and loving family. Knowing Justin, he would want the Proposal to be Extra Special, without his LIFE CHANGING Surprise to be exposed on the Internet.

Justin hasnt fully come clean about dating Gomez like Selena has from time to time. A couple times Justin has actually admitted it, but not completely.

That being said, News/Gossip floating around on the internet claiming that Justin Drew Bieber is going to propose to Selena Marie Gomez, you would think would be a popular rumor…

The JB Shrine is always out to get  Publicity as much as Possible. Making Drastic and far fetched posts and false news with inaccurate and copied articles. I wouldnt Believe this Hype.

Now LETS JUST SAY; that this is true. Then what ever happens is going to happen. Then I am wrong and The JB Shrine is right. But I highly doubt this news.

So when A Lot of time has passed and nothing happens, kind of like the make Believe APOCALYPSE on May 21St 2011,  what will Shrine Say? Or better yet, will they trash their BS Article and give it up. I dont know, but what I do know is, I will always be straight forward and back up every single word and post with evidence.