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TWERK — Justin Bieber (Leaked Track)

Twerk - Justin Bieber leaked trackAn unofficial leaked version of “Twerk” featuring Justin Bieber has recently surfaced. The track has been taken down from both YouTube & Sound Cloud, however you can listen & download the track below!

There’s no doubt that the vocals are Justin’s, so what’s your take on this song?

I personally think that Justin needs to enter the Hip-Hop/Rap game and balance those genre’s with Pop music like how Nicki Minaj does it.

Bieber Doesn’t Care About You Rebecca Black!

Let me just start off by saying that Her getting this Much attention and being approached by TMZ is Bullsh*t and I just lost all respect for TMZ… 

Rebecca Black, you have no Talent sweety. Your video blew up.. Literally. Bieber obviously doesn’t care for your video about you having a Dilemma on choosing ONE Seat.

Watch this wack video…

(Click Picture To Play Video)

The Naive, stupid Paparazzi behind the Camera needs to be Fired by Harvey Levin..

Bigger than Bieber? HA! You just Humiliated yourself in front of Thousands of people. :-D

I have NOTHING Personal Against Rebecca Black, Just BUSINESS. She chose the Spotlight, and a even a Price comes with your 30 seconds of FAME ;-)

Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Working On New Collaboration



Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are set to collaborate for a Third time, it has been reported.

The pair, who have previously collaborated on single ‘Next To You’, are working on a new track for Bieber’s forthcoming new album.

Justin is currently in the studio working on a ‘edgier’ sound with Danja, Bangladesh, and Kevin Cossom.

”What I’m creating for him I think is definitely a more mature sound. That’s where he’s headed now,” Danja told Rap-Up.

‘Next to You’ will be the third single released from Brown’s album ‘F.A.M.E.’, which has so far reached number 10 on the album chart.

‘Next to You’ is available to download now, although it won’t count as single until August 15.


I dont know about you Belieber’s But I am SUPER PUMPED About this NEW Album!!! I just hope Justin focuses more on Fast Paced Songs! Like LOVE ME and Somebody To Love.

Justin makes A LOT of really great songs, especially Fast Beat Dance Songs. But he just doesn’t make enough of them :-(

Behind The Scenes of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s Next 2 You

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown released their new music video together, but many have questions still left. So Justin has decided that he wanted to give back to fans. Thus he has released a behind the scenes video of his and Chris’ new music video.

Chris and Justin have become close friends, thus working together has been a goal for them. That goal finally came true with “Next 2 You”, their joint single that they worked on. The music video for it features an end of the world theme, but Justin and Chris enjoyed themselves in a fun song-even if the video is depressing.

I have to say that I do find the music video strange, but I think that those 2 must have had a lot of fun with it. I hope to see more of those 2 working together. They do make a dynamic duo, which makes for great music and a great music video. I am sure that their labels love all the publicity they get as well. So I am not sure why they took their time when it came to releasing the music video for the song. It would be nice if they provided a reason for it, but it is not critical so they can get by with it.