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Justin Bieber Chats To James Barr On Capital FM (Jerry Talk)


Justin’s 18 now, I love how hes comfortable with talking to random ass strangers about his Penis lol.

his laugh at  is the cuttest laugh ever ♥

Believe is FINALLY ON ITS WAY! We’re in the Promoting stage, we get to see more of Justin everyday & view tons of Interviews & pictures online right before the big album drops! You ready Beliebers? ;-)



Justin & Ellen announced earlier this month that they are associated with WeTopia. WeTopia is a social game in which players can earn Joy by playing with friends, and spend that Joy helping children in the real world. You play to give to charity.

Play For Good!


Justin & Ellen want you to play, so go play & and #MakeAChange ♥

Justin Bieber Leaves Valentine’s Day Visit ‘Really Inspired’

Meeting ‘Mrs. Bieber,’ a 6-year-old fan battling cancer, ‘one of the best things I have ever done,’ teen superstar tweets.

Justin Bieber spent the day before Valentine’s Day with a special girl. No, he wasn’t with his lady love, Selena Gomez — instead he visited Monday with a 6-year-old Belieber, Avalanna Routh, who is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer.

In a photo posted to his Twitter account, Bieber is seen hanging out with the young fan, dubbed “Mrs. Bieber.” And the experience seems to have really affected him. “Hangin out with a special little girl. #MrsBieber,” he tweeted about the meeting.

Justin Bieber Naked? (2012)

So this picture is allegedly Real. I really don’t feel like getting Raped in Jail for Child Pornography, so I took the liberty of Censoring the image.

Justin is left handed, but this guy is using his Right hand.

Some guys get the same bird tattoo that Justin has, in the same spot. What do you think? REAL or Fake? Of course I’m skeptical considering Justin’s tattoos aren’t hard to mimic.

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