Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey at German Animal Shelter

Held at the Munich-Riem animal shelter, the capuchin was shown with some orange headphones and a picture of his former master.

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According to the shelter’s website, “Mally is the cutest 14-week-old monkey who, since Holy Thursday evening, has lived in the custody of a Munich shelter. The baby animal was confiscated by customs officers at Munich airport because its owner, the 19-year-old Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, could not provide the necessary animal disease or species protection legal documents.

As the singer continues his tour following his Munich concert, little Mally is finally getting a well-earned rest. The little capuchin monkey is appropriately provided for, has veterinary care and also a big stuffed animal that it snuggles up to, as well as an active keeper as constant caregiver who cares for the animal and offers bodily contact.”

Hoping to shame the Biebs into complying with the law, the post adds that Mally was a gift for his 19th birthday and that he has four weeks to turn in the required documentation before Mally is turned over to a “good nursing ward.”

Hopefully Justin will turn in the appropriate documents to regain custody of Little Mally. :-D