Justin Bieber’s Mom Pushing Hard For Reconciliation With Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber‘s mom has been pushing hard for Justin to reconcile with his on-again/off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as she firmly believes Gomez is a good influence on her son, and will help keep him on the straight and narrow, RadarOnline.com exclusively reported.

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“Justin’s mom has always been very close to Selena, and she’s impressed by what a good influence she’s been on her son. Pattie’s been pushing hard for Justin to get back with Selena. However, Selena doesn’t want to associate with the crowd Justin’s been hanging out with lately as she thinks they’re not to be trusted.”

 Justin is an Adult now and can do what ever he damn well pleases. Though, Justin hasn’t been caught smoking or getting into any crazy shenaniganz until after the break-up, which, some say lead Justin to fall under Lil Twist’s Bad influence.

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