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Bieber Is Drinking Beer Now?

So much for clearing the Alcohol Beverages from Bieber’s Hotel Room. Looks like Justin is enjoying a “Pacifico,” Mexican Beer, aside from a nice view off Gomez’s ass.

We recently posted this picture, not noticing the Beer Can next to Justin.

The Legal Drinking age in Mexico is 18. Gomez is 19 and Bieber is 17, so is it Her Beer or His?

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“Justin Bieber Earning Reputation For Being Hollywood’s Biggest Brat”

LOL, You Beliebers can read this Article on FOX News’s Website HERE.


I find this Article Complete BS. We’ve all seen how Justin can act like a Total Diva, but these Accusations are just Ridiculous and Embarrassing..

Justin was Raised by a Very Moral family. Justin has talked about Keeping Himself Grounded and not turning into a Rich Spoiled Brat. We all know that FAME & Money can change someone, but Justin has his team & family to help keep him humble.

Fox News is just conservative trash.