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Justin Is Gangsta

Earlier today, TMZ covered a story about how Drake allegedly threw a glass bottle at Chris Brown’s face and ended up busting him up.

Considering Justin is friends with both parties, Justin put himself between em.

Justin sent out a goofy Tweet, that was deleted shortly after. :-D

Lol, Yeah Justin. I bet you did home-skillit.

Justin Bieber Flipped Off The Paparazzi In Calabasas – May 27Th 2012

Justin is always flipping off Paparazzi lol.

This was right after the fight he had with a rude Pap.


Justin Bieber’s Lunch Date & Parking Lot Brawl!

Justin Bieber grabbed a bite to eat in Los Angeles, CA on May 26th, 2012.

Justin Bieber is a suspect in a criminal battery case — May 27Th, 2012..

Justin was in Calabasas, where he lives, just yesterday after noon, Sunday at a mall called ‘The Commons‘. A fed up Bieber ended up boiling over after one Pap got “too close” – with an altercation ensuing as Gomez tried desperately to calm her “Boyfriend” singing beau’s nerves.

The photographer called 911, and when cops arrived Justin and Selena Gomez had already split.

The photographer complained of pain to his upper torso, an ambulance was summoned and he was taken to a local hospital where he was examined and released a short time later.

The photographer filed a police report naming Justin as the culprit. Cops are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor battery.

Law enforcement say detectives want to speak with Justin, Selena and any other witnesses.

*** reportedly — several witnesses at the scene say after the altercation, a lawyer walked up to the paparazzi and said he could get a lot of money out of the incident and advised the dude to call for an ambulance and file a police report.

Witnesses also say the photographer had been blocking Justin’s car as he was trying to leave.  Justin got out of the car and asked the guy to move away but he wouldn’t, and a scuffle ensued.


Justin Bieber Almost Runs Over A Paparazzi


X17online, being the stalkers they are, Justin almost took out one of their Paparazzi yesterday, Wednesday, April 18, 2012, with his miniature ‘smart’ car, in Beverly Hills.

We all know how much Justin hates the Paps, and thats what makes this video that much better!


I love how he swerves out of the way to try to hit him aha! Crazy bitch ♥ ;-)