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Drake Bell VS Bieber-Mania



So Drake Bell (The irrelevant 2004 Nickelodeon actor-wanna-be-singer) has been fighting with Beliebers non-stop this month. Taking shots & throwing blows at Justin Bieber over twitter —

It all started on July 2 when Bell tweeted to Katy Perry that it was “ridiculous” for artists who have been around for five years to release biographical films. Bell was, of course, referring to Perry’s “Part of Me” which hit theaters on July 5.

The former “Drake and Josh” actor later attempted to put the issue to rest on July 3 by claiming that his Twitter account had been hacked, but not before tweeting. “I wouldn’t randomly bash @katyperry….bieber however lol.” Bieber released his autobiographical film, “Never Say Never,” last February.

That is when the floodgates opened.

For the past three weeks, Bell has been bombarded with tweets from angry “Beliebers.”

At first Bieber fans said things like “I hope you know bashing Justin aint gonna get you nowhere” and “like it or not Bieber is more successful than you and hes just 18.”

When Bell began provoking them — i.e. offering Bieber guitar lessons — things got even more heated. One crazed fan tweeted Bell a photo of a very large kitchen knife, while another suggested they do something more violent:

The former Nickelodeon star responded to the vitriolic messages:


Bieber tried to smooth things over by tweeting to his 25 million followers:



This is my favorite cover story this month! It’s so funny because Drake Bell has been working hard for 8 years, and never got the Attention or publicity that he wanted.

So he’s just mad that a kid younger than him, who has been in the game for 3 years has just SHIT ON HIS Life lol.

It’s not Justin’s fault that your music is just Shitty Drake. The only gig you can book now a days, is a Shane Dawson video. You haven’t been invited to the TCA’s since 2004. No one cares anymore ;-)



Justin Bieber Reveals The Cover For His New Book, Just Getting Started


According to Harper Collins, the second official book from the multi-platinum-selling superstar will give fans an exclusive look inside Justin’s world—his worldwide tour, making his own movie, recording his new album, winning numerous awards, and performing for his legion of loyal Beliebers. Packed full of never-before-seen photos taken exclusively for this project, the book will give readers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Justin’s life.”

Justin’s first book, First Step 2 Forever, was an international hit, selling more than a million copies in 25 languages worldwide.“I’m so excited to be working on another book with HarperCollins,” Bieber said in an official statement.  “Being able to share my story with my fans through these books is an absolute privilege.  I can’t wait to show them more about my life on tour and in the studio in this next book.”

Just Getting Started hits stores on September 13. YOU BELIEBERS READY???!!! :-D




So everyone is pissed at NBC’s Americas Got Talent right now. Last night, millions tuned into the talent show to catch a teaser clip for Justin Bieber’s new upcoming video “As Long As You Love Me.”

But that didn’t happen. Millions of Beliebers were disappointed after watching the hour long show, come to find out that AGT Never bothered to show the As Long As You Love Me preview!

Beliebers think that AGT just used Justin & his fanbase to boost ratings.