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BELIEVE 3D Announcement!

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that Scooter Braun announced that they are filming BELIEVE 3D on stage in Miami on January 27Th! Jon M Chu, (The director of NEVER SAY NEVER 3D,) has tweeted multiple photos confirming the production.

There has also been signs at various Believe Concerts, advising people that they were filming the event, and that they’d consent to being filmed and photographed by entering the specific area.

Justin Bieber’s Ass Flash!

Justin revealed another personal part of his body, and of course Beliebers went ape sh*t when a picture of his ass crack popped up on Instagram this week.

The photo doesn’t really show the whole thing though, so it’s not really worth the hype. Next time, Justin should bare his whole front side ;-)

Justin Bieber On SNL – Feb 9Th!

Justin is once again, making an appearance on Saturday Night LIVE!

SNL posted the following on their NBC site:

“We’re excited to announce the return of Justin Bieber to SNL!! Bieber is set to pull double-duty as host and musical guest for the February 9th show! This appearance marks his second time as musical guest and first time as host (although he’s stopped by a couple of times to cameo in sketches, pretapes and the 100th Digital Short) so get ready for Bieber on SNL, February 9th!”

Stay Tuned!

It’s Kingsley Bitch: OVEREXPOSED 2012 [No. 4] – JELENA BREAK UP

Justin & Selena’s “Alleged” Break Up was everywhere, and people lost their damn minds.

Over Christmas break, Kingsley did his usual End-Of-The-Year Holiday OVEREXPOSED of all the Bullshit we’ve endured in 2012. And of course, Jelena’s break up made it in the top 10, coming in at Number 4.