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Justin Bieber’s Sound Studio Stop



Justin Bieber was seen walking up the stairs to hit his sound studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (April 10) with two escorts close behind.

The Biebs was sporting his usual high-top kicks and flat-billed hat while he added a tribal-inspired tee and jeans to deck out his outfit.

After the success of his new single “Boyfriend,” an interview was recently released in Seventeen Magazine in which Justin explains how to treat a lady.

JB has the world at his finger tips right now with his gorgeous girlfriend and talks of recording a duet with Usher, who tweeted:





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Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma Purple Lights Violate CA. Law


Justin Bieber’s chromed-out Fisker Karma Electric sports car might be good for the environment but that doesn’t make it exempt from tickets.

The chromed out, $100k Bieber-mobile has been making appearances all over LA in the last few days — blinding drivers with its reflective paint job. But a vehicle violation? No sir…

Law enforcement sources say the real problem is the row of FUCHSIA lights hidden under the front grill of the car. That’s right, in CA, the only lights you can legally have facing forward are white and amber — but not The Biebs signature purple. :-(

Damn it, the law should bend over backwards for Bieber… I know 19,000,000 girls that will ;-)

ANYWAYS — That’s not all… Apparently Justin’s window tint is a little too tinty, also qualifying as a major no-no. Although dark window tint isn’t that big of a deal, it tends to piss of the POPO’s.

If caught Justin would be slapped with a ‘fix-it ticket’ citation.


Justin is constantly getting stopped by LAPD lol! How many times has Justin been pulled over within the last 5 months? Too many to count. Maybe Justin should just stay off the road & hire a chauffeur. After all, he did fail his first drivers test :-D

Big Sean Confirms He’s Working With Justin Bieber


With the G.O.O.D. Music album set to drop soon and work on his sophomore album underway, Big Sean‘s been staying busy. In an interview with Power 106, Sean revealed that he’s been cooking up some new music with a couple of big names.

On the production end of things, Sean said he’ll be working with Kanye West, No I.D., Key Wayne, Jalil, Salaam Remi, and a lot of other new producers. When asked if Nicki Minaj would make an appearance, he replied, “Probably so. We’ve got a couple things in the works, so we just gotta see how it comes out. She’s the homie though.”

In a more surprising piece of news, Sean also revealed that he’s got a collaboration with Justin Bieber coming up. “Shoutout to Justin Bieber. That’s my homie, too. We got something in the works. You’re gonna see it sooner or later. Either my album or his album.”

Okay, I am officially excited for this collaboration! Big Sean, yah know, ASS (Dance Clean Version)

Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobble
I’m st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bible!
I got girlies half naked that shit look like the grotto —
How your waist anorexic and then your ass is colossal?!

Ass [x22]
Stop… now make that motherf*cker hammer time like…

Nicki & Big Sean’s collaboration was insane! I can’t wait to see what Bieber & Sean cook up in the studio!

What do you think Beliebers? let us know in the comments below!

Justin Bieber’s Perfume SOMEDAY Launch In Australia

Good news for Aussie Beliebers. Justin Bieber’s perfume SOMEDAY is now available in Australia. SOMEDAY has been described as a fruity, gourmand blend. After first release in the US, SOMEDAY’s fragrance earned $3 million in the first three weeks and Australian sales are predicted to rocket sky-high.

SOMEDAY is now available exclusively at Myer, the playful fragrance can be purchased for $AUS79 per 100ml or $AUS59 per 50ml. A body lotion and hair mist can also be purchased exclusive to Myer.