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Justin Bieber’s Revving & Romantic Music Video Shoot


Putting together his latest music video, Justin Bieber was spotted filming inside a sporty Ford Mustang in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (April 21).

Occasionally getting his hair and makeup touched up during breaks, The Biebs wore a black and red plaid vest over a white tee-shirt with black jeans and boots as he took time in between shots to high-five and chat it up with the crew.

Later swapping into an all-black ensemble, Bieber could be seen getting cozy with a brunette cutie who looked strikingly similar to his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Meanwhile, Justin might have just dropped a little hint that he’s preparing for a major tour after tweeting, “random shoutout to all the fans around the world. i love u. see u soon. real soon”

Besides mentioning he’s flying across the pond to visit London on Monday, we’re thinking a major tour announcement is likely after Bieber’s new album “Believe” hits store shelves on June 19th.



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Jelena On Kiss Cam At The Staples Center



Tuesday night the duo hit up the Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and they didn’t go unnoticed. Both were featured on the infamous kiss cam and shared a sweet smooch in the spotlight.

And while these teenage lovebirds looked completely smitten with one another, there was actually some disagreement between the two…

Justin was rooting for the L.A. Lakers, but Selena was cheering for her home state’s team, the San Antonio Spurs.

“LET’S GO SPURS!! LET’S GO!” she tweeted mid-game, along with a picture of her ticket.


JB on the other hand, simply hashtagged “LAKETIME” to show his support for the home team.



In the end, Selena got her way: The Spurs beat the Lakers 112 to 91.

Justin Bieber & ‘F*ck’ T-Shirts


Late last year, Justin sported a bright blue Cee Lo Green Tee with “F*ck you, And F*ck Her Too” captioned on it.

Recently, Justin wore a grey T-Shirt with the word “Fuck” on it and honestly, who cares? Why does it matter? Justin is NOT a Disney star, never was. He is a grown ass man now and can say & wear what ever the hell he damn well pleases. :-D

Justin has a lot of young fans, yes. But again, he’s not a Disney star and he doesn’t have to cater to a specific age group.

If parents raise their children right, it doesn’t matter what celebrities do.


Sites like Hollywood Life, Examiner, & The Daily Meal are making fools of themselves and are of course making a big deal about it.


Hollywood Life reported:

“Was the pop star being silly or sending a message to his fans? Find out what our expert says below!”

 Lol seriously? It’s a freaking T-Shirt….. must be a slow news day or something… ;-)


I think next time, Justin should wear a T-Shirt that says
“F*ck The Paparazzi” :-D

Considering how much he hates them lol.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Stay In Romantic Exclusive Hotel In Florida


The couple checked into an ultra-private resort together to attend the wedding of a friend — check out all of the EXCLUSIVE details about where they are staying!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone to Jupiter, Florida for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of one of Justin’s friends — and we know where they are staying!

Jelena checked into The Inn at Admiral’s Cove on April 14 — and it’s a private resort inside a super-exclusive gated community.

We’re sure they’re staying in the nicest room there: the Commodore Suite. A source at the hotel gave us the rundown on the amenities.

Justin and Selena are likely to be out of their room for the bulk of their stay, but they will be in luxury the whole time. The two-bedroom suite features a huge master room with a private bathroom. The smaller, adjacent bedroom has two queen beds as well as an additional bathroom. The living room is grand and balconies are peppered throughout the suite.

According to the hotel’s website, Justin and Selena can also look forward to quality comfort via a concierge service, marble tubs, a wet bar, and a 32” LCD HDTV flat screen television with DVD player — all for $585 dollars a night!

Some fancy shit, huh Justin? ;-)

The reason they’re in Florida? They’re going to the wedding of Allison Kaye, Justin’s production manager.

The lady from Never Say Never —


Congratulations Allison!!!!!!