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Selena Gomez Addresses Her Break Up With Justin Bieber On ‘David Letterman’

This is the first interview where Selena has confirmed and addressed her break up with Justin Bieber.

David Letterman told Gomez during the interview, that he was having a discussion with Justin the last time he saw him, and that he made Justin cry. Selena responded with “Well then, that makes Two of us.”

Selena’s remark had pissed a lot of Beliebers off. Check out the interview below!





(Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber)

David Letterman – “Spring Breakers” Star, Selena Gomez- FULL INTERVIEW

Pattie Mallette Discusses New Film & Jelena’s Relationship On The “Today Show”

Pattie Mallette appeared on the “Today” show to discuss a number of things, including the announcement of her newest project as an executive producer of a new film “Crescendo.”

Though, Host Savannah Guthrie had to ask about her son Justin Bieber. Justin is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

“I think we’re both nervous,” Pattie said. “He’s been rehearsing all week and practicing… he’s excited.”

Bieber’s mom has had to endure seeing her son’s image slightly change lately with reports of partying and other bad-boy antics.

“It’s tough letting go and letting our kids make the mistakes they need to make,” she said. “I just have to trust that he’s made good decisions in the past, and hopefully he’s learned from my mistakes.”

And of course, the subject of his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez, came up.

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“You know, I just try and support whatever he’s wanting,” Mallette said about Bieber & Gomez. “I think [Selena is] a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great.”

Justin Bieber’s Mom Pushing Hard For Reconciliation With Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber‘s mom has been pushing hard for Justin to reconcile with his on-again/off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as she firmly believes Gomez is a good influence on her son, and will help keep him on the straight and narrow, exclusively reported.

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“Justin’s mom has always been very close to Selena, and she’s impressed by what a good influence she’s been on her son. Pattie’s been pushing hard for Justin to get back with Selena. However, Selena doesn’t want to associate with the crowd Justin’s been hanging out with lately as she thinks they’re not to be trusted.”

 Justin is an Adult now and can do what ever he damn well pleases. Though, Justin hasn’t been caught smoking or getting into any crazy shenaniganz until after the break-up, which, some say lead Justin to fall under Lil Twist’s Bad influence.

Let us know what you guys think of this Hot-Ass-Mess in the comments below!

It’s Kingsley Bitch: OVEREXPOSED 2012 [No. 4] – JELENA BREAK UP

Justin & Selena’s “Alleged” Break Up was everywhere, and people lost their damn minds.

Over Christmas break, Kingsley did his usual End-Of-The-Year Holiday OVEREXPOSED of all the Bullshit we’ve endured in 2012. And of course, Jelena’s break up made it in the top 10, coming in at Number 4.