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Justin Bieber — The Hollywood Reporter’s Cover Story

THR - The BBS (November 2013) Featured ImageFor the first time in 9 months, Justin Bieber opens up and gives a very raw and unfiltered interview to The Hollywood Reporter. Giving THR in depth coverage into how Justin and his team have coped with the vicious rumors & scandals that have threatened the “BIEBER” brand this past year.

Click Here to check out THR’s 5 page exposé.

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Justin Bieber’s Adidas Neo Photoshoot

Justin_Neo_4Justin Bieber is featured in a new campaign for the Adidas NEO Summer 2013 collection.

Justin heats things up for his role in the Summer edition, looking sexy and confident in a variety of new fashionable apparel from the now trending outfitter.

Adidas NEO released a video with a behind the scenes look of his recent photoshoot! Check out the clip & gallery below!

Scooter Braun & Bieber Showbiz Tonight Interview


Showbiz Tonight goes on location at the Beverly Hilton to talk with Justin Bieber and his manger, Scooter Braun about their extremely lucrative partnership.

Scooter Braun says:

“We have a very special relationship that’s very — it’s not a normal manager-client relationship. He is family.”

Justin Bieber adds:

“His parents say that I’m their revenge, basically, because I have a lot of energy and I’m always giving him a hard time…at times he can be annoying, but I know he’s only trying to have me have the best character.”


Scooter Braun reveals that Justin initially had doubts about his own success. He tells Showbiz Tonight:

“When I met Justin, he didn’t even know what was possible. He never wanted to be famous, he never wanted to be a star… it didn’t even seem possible . . . when I showed him how it could happen . . . I have never seen anyone fight as hard.”