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BELIEVE 3D Announcement!

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that Scooter Braun announced that they are filming BELIEVE 3D on stage in Miami on January 27Th! Jon M Chu, (The director of NEVER SAY NEVER 3D,) has tweeted multiple photos confirming the production.

There has also been signs at various Believe Concerts, advising people that they were filming the event, and that they’d consent to being filmed and photographed by entering the specific area.

Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga In Men In Black III


Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga will appear in the upcoming “Men in Black III.”

Yes, they’ll play aliens! OH THIS IS Exciting! Lol

Director Barry Sonnenfeld recently confirmed that both pop stars will have small roles in the upcoming summer blockbuster. He told the Collider website Bieber and Gaga will play aliens alongside Tim Burton.

“In this (installment) there are a few people that you’ll see up on the surveillance board, including Lady Gaga, Tim Burton, who probably knows more about aliens than I do, and let’s see who else… Justin Bieber,” Sonnenfeld said. “The challenge is getting celebrities that are famous, will give you permission and won’t be like ‘Who’s that guy?’ in 10 years.”

Of course, J.B. and Gaga aren’t the first pop icons to participate in the “Men in Black” films. In 2002’s “Men in Black II,” Michael Jackson played Agent M.

Justin obviously has a good relationship with the Smith’s, so this should be fun!

Have you guys heard the Theme Song for the film, ‘Back In Time‘ by Pitbull?
Check out the new music video below! :-D


Justin Bieber’s Providing Soundtrack For New Film “BULLY”


Bullying is a cause that seems close to everyone’s hearts these days, including Justin Bieber who has given permission for his song
“Born To Be Somebody” to be used in the TV ad campaign for the upcoming documentary, Bully.

The Weinstein Group announced yesterday that the TV spot will begin airing immediately leading to the release of the film this Friday. “My fans are always up for supporting a great cause. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of as an entertainer,” Bieber said in a statement. “I hope they see ‘Bully’ with their friends and help start the conversation so we can end bullying.”

The documentary, which was originally rated R and shows how bullying can affect teens, is now rated PG-13 thanks to a viral petition started by 17-year-old Katy Butler that received over half a million signatures, including celebrities such as Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres and Demi Lovato.

So what do you think of Bieber’s support of the film and will you go see it? Let us know in the comments section below


‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’ BOYFRIEND World Premiere!


Wow! Justin dropped some major Bieber Fever Bombs on us this morning!


So here’s a brief run down on what to expect from kidrauhl in 2012:‎ #BELIEVE in June, Another Tour in the Summer, Second Fragrance (Branch off of SOMEDAY), Another book, Film with Mark Wahlberg, & PUNK’D!

Not to mention the projects that we don’t even know about yet!

Update: is trending!!!!!! YAY!



Omb, what an Awesome Bieber day.



Believe was said to be released in June, 3 months away!!!!!!

And congratulations to Justin for making ‘BOYFRIEND‘ #1 on iTunes!