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Justin & The POPO!

If you’ve read Justin’s book, you know that he failed his first drivers test. Justin has been pulled over, and ticketed over 6 times within these last Two years lol.

Justin Johnson. A world wide trending topic on Twitter about Justin’s 911 call.

TMZ has been following Justin’s every move these past few days, and if you’ve missed the news, heres the recap!



TMZ Link [911 Call]:

Justin Bieber called 911 minutes AFTER he was pulled over for driving 80 mph on an L.A. Freeway last week to report FIVE paparazzi who continued to chase after him … and TMZ has the recording.

During the call, Justin tells the operator, “I have like 5 cars following me.”

He continues, “They are driving really reckless.”

When the operator asks Justin for his last name, the singer answers … “ummm, Johnson.”

The operator then asks Mr. Johnson to describe his car … to which Justin replies, “A Fisker.”

The operator, who’s obviously not a car person asks, “What kind of car is that?”
Justin: “Ummmm … a Fisker.”

The operator then asks Justin if he is the same person who was previously stopped on the 101 Freeway. Justin says he was … but explains, “They’re the ones that are driving recklessly now, I’m just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now. ”

Bieber continued, “Before I was driving fast so I could get away from them and got pulled over myself.”

The operator told Justin officers had been dispatched to help him out.

LA96.3 FM aired the 911 call this morning.

As we previously reported, Bieber had been cited for going 80 … but the person who initially called the cops on the singer, L.A. City  Councilman Dennis Zine, said he believed Bieber was going at least 100 mph and was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic.

Zine — a former LAPD motor officer — told TMZ Bieber was driving so recklessly, he’s SHOCKED the singer didn’t crash and kill anyone. In fact, Zine said Bieber belongs behind bars.

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Justin Bieber: ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Video Shoot


Justin Bieber rides a Segway scooter on set while working on his latest music video for his single “As Long As You Love Me” on Friday (July 6) in Los Angeles.

The song is the second single off of the 18-year-old’s Believe album.

“Just finished a great day of rehearsal for #AsLongAsYouLoveMe – video shoot coming next,” Justin . “Request it and get ready! #BELIEVE that! We can’t wait!”

He later added, “Day 1 #AsLongAsYouLove Me Video Shoot with @bigsean. My big bros   and  all came thru the video shoot. #Believe.”

10+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber on set of his video…

Justin’s Girlfriend Commercial

IDEA: To launch Justin Bieber’s second fragrance for girls, called Girlfriend, his manager’s marketing company could have spent millions on a traditional media rollout. “But why?” said Brad Haugen, CMO of Scooter Braun Projects. “Why not leverage what we have, which is a massive network of nearly 100 million fans?” Haugen, who once worked at BBH, hired the agency’s Los Angeles office, and together they put those fans to work. They had Bieber ask them to record themselves singing his hit song “Boyfriend,” with completely rewritten lyrics, including the word “girlfriend” instead of “boyfriend.” The best videos were then patched together for a 60-second spot that broke last Thursday on NBC, two days after his new album, Believe, dropped. BBH had earlier recounted Bieber’s rise to fame in a Google Chrome spot. That ad illustrated the crucial role of his fans; this one embodies it. “He’s an incredibly talented artist, but really, the way Justin was built up was on the back of creating real digital engagement with his fans,” Haugen said. “They feel like they discovered him. They feel like they’re the reason he is where he is. And he feels that way, too. They’re the backbone of everything we do.”
COPYWRITING: For BBH executive creative director Pelle Sjoenell, it wasn’t a typical spot to write. But it did need a narrative. “It’s tough to write a script like this. It’s a moldable piece of clay,” he said. “In the end we just celebrated what happened—Justin’s call-out to the fans, their reaction, their contribution. Then we announced the winner on TV.” From a straight branding point of view, the product name got plenty of play—the girls sing it over and over. “But it doesn’t feel like it’s advertising, and it shouldn’t,” said Sjoenell.

ART DIRECTION: It can also be tricky getting something good-looking from amateur video footage. “We did treat it. We worked with hues and things like type treatment to make it sit together a little better,” Sjoenell said. But actually, the somewhat grainy images make it feel more immediate and authentic. “We knew going into this that a lot of YouTube video would end up on national TV,” Sjoenell said. “And we make a very quick creative decision that that’s a good thing, that it should feel like YouTube. There’s something even more heartfelt about it, actually.” “It’s just raw,” added Haugen. “It’s what is actually being put out there. And to me, that’s a way better marketing tool.”

TALENT: Bieber is the spot’s big celebrity, of course, but the fans are the stars here. “The fan base is not only passionate, they’re also very creative,” said Sjoenell. “It was really tough [to choose the ones for the ad]. Great singers, great lyrics, great creativity, great spirit. I’m amazed at the level of talent out there.”

SOUND: The agency set up a branded Tumblr for the contest, which provided a track without Bieber’s vocals for the girls to sing along to. This made sure the submissions were all in the same key and had the same pace. The rest was just managing the transitions.

MEDIA: The spot aired during NBC’s broadcast of Justin Bieber: Around the World, his first network special. In a real-time Twitter tie-in, Bieber tweeted the name of the contest winner just as it was revealed in the TV spot. The campaign also pushed the #girlfriend hashtag on Twitter for several days, and made #girlfriend T-shirts. The social contest leading up to the TV spot also gave birth to an unexpected meme—one submission featuring a particularly wide-eyed girl went viral, as she was quickly dubbed the “Overly Attached Girlfriend.” And Bieber, of course, is his own media juggernaut. “He’s Elvis, the Beatles and Michael Jackson all together,” said Sjoenell. “He’s got a little bit of all three.” The new fragrance is part of the Give Back Brands portfolio. All proceeds from the sale of it will go to the Pencils of Promise and Make a Wish Foundation charities.