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Justin Bieber Gets Another New Tattoo (Feb 2013)

Justin has gotten yet another tattoo—this time, on his left arm next to the Owl. He revealed this new ink (an “X” or a tilted cross) Monday night in London.

This really is no huge addition to Justin’s body art. He has praying hands and Jesus on his calf, a bird on his left hip, the Japanese symbol for music on his arm, album title Believe on his arm, a Roman numeral & a crown below both collar bones, a hockey mascot on the back of his shoulder. Justin’s father Jeremy has a lot of tattoos as well. As long as Justin’s Tatt’s mean something symbolic to him, that’s all that matters.

The Bieber SPACE’s 2 Year Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating The Bieber SPACE’s Two year anniversary! It’s been great logging & following Justin’s journey and immersing myself into the “Belieber World,” for this long!

Justin’s career isn’t going anywhere, and The Bieber SPACE will always be their to support Justin!

Here’s to 10+ years! Cheers ;-)

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