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Olivia Wilde’s Twitter Feud With Beliebers (Jay Leno Interview)

Last week, the Cowboys & Aliens actress Olive Wilde sent out a bossy tweet to Justin telling him to put on a fucking shirt, which Beliebers might have taken out of context.

Olivia was given the opportunity to explain herself & the feud on Jay Leno last night, check out the interview below!

I love the first tweet lol, “Are you a lesbian, or just too old?” She clearly didn’t understand the tweet. Meaning, is she too old to look, because nobody wants Justin Bieber to keep his shirt on, unless you’re his mother.


Justin Bieber Performing In Dublin, Ireland (Feb 2013)

 Justin’s back at it, tearin’ up the stage in Dublin (Feb 17th)!

Check out the crazy footage below!





The Bieber SPACE’s 2 Year Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating The Bieber SPACE’s Two year anniversary! It’s been great logging & following Justin’s journey and immersing myself into the “Belieber World,” for this long!

Justin’s career isn’t going anywhere, and The Bieber SPACE will always be their to support Justin!

Here’s to 10+ years! Cheers ;-)

The Bieber SPACE 1.0 | The Bieber SPACE 2.0