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Welcome Beliebers (:






  • wynter


  • wynter


  • kittigall

    I think Justin is okay.

  • bobbie-Lee fitzsimmons

    hi justinbieber my boys

  • bobbie-Lee fitzsimmons

    hi justinbieber my boys

  • bobbie-Lee fitzsimmons

    i love you justinbieber

    • rachel greenberg

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  • Krishana Hines

    Hi Justin, How r u? My name is Krishana Hines and I’m a belieber.

  • sophie


  • sophie


  • KamBieber

    I don’t think selena should go back together. They r a cute couple and all but, she keeps breaking his heart. I don’t want to see Justin all sad and stuff.

  • stacey

    Umm no shes helped him if ur a belieber you’d realize whoever he loves is who make him happy

  • jb

  • jb

    dumb kid

  • holly

    Justin should have never went out with selena I mean she just didn’t deserve him and Justin gave her everthing and in return he got a broken heart that is just rude of her because Justin loved her more than anyone else loved selena and Justin bieber if you are reading this im so sorry that selena did this to you because let me tell you something she was just being rude and im sorry she did this to you I <3 you Justin and all these belibers out here do so believe that you can do anything .

  • miabiebz

    hi beliebers …;) :)

  • Noel

    As a belieber I believe justin should be able to make his own choices. He still loves us and that’s all that ever matters.

  • LoveBieber

    New Justin Bieber album you can download here:

  • Christiana Bieber

    Okay…What happend…i saw a video with Justin at disneyland in a wheelchair…is he ok?

  • Valeria Di Rico

    hes the best

  • Ariella

    I feel bad for Selena.But now that she’s done with I’ll be with Justin :)

  • Ariella

    But I feel a bit bad for Selena.Like 45 percent bad.

  • mariam shba


  • Caitlin

    umm… hi

  • kane

    hi can i talke to jb please

  • Ariella

    Well since they broke up..Justin’s my bf and I used to date alot of other men and I was really nice to them and then I kindly said I’m sorry but I have to break up with you..but we could be friends. :)

    • Ariella

      And anyways Justin is awesome and I’ll always be a belieber

  • Lauren

    Justin I’m so glad your here that I finally found a safe place to talk to you I need to ask you something

  • Tamara


  • analis jensen

    Hi justin, my name is analis, I have a lot of your posters on my wall , I am a huge fan of yours, I love your music , and your handsome, I am 25 years old, my dream is to meet you in person, I love your movies, I watch them all the time, your a huge inspiration in my life, I love you.

  • Paula


  • luul bbe

    justinbieber heis my baby no more or anther gril

  • ellena liew

    hai bb justin iam ellena from malaysia

  • ellena liew

    bb justin are you ok

  • samjoneson


  • Markeesha

    Justin Bieber I luv ya so much I just need somebody to love

  • bobbie-lee

    hi justin bieber

  • akaysha


  • bobbie-lee

    hi justin bieber

  • Kimiyasaedi

    I love justine bieber

  • Kimiyasaedi

    Justine bieber sings a very nice songs

  • amanda


  • antoinette

    he is hot

  • antoinette.wooten

    hi justin

  • emmawebb

    Hey is mine I had sex with him

  • muriel lynn rose cloud

    yeah justin bieber dont deserve something what she did

  • muriel lynn rose cloud

    so wonderful:]

  • tristin

    just cute

  • Erika_Stephanie

    Justin And Selena is a cute couples i love them

  • Ariella

    Justin Bieber is the best sinnger ever.

  • Ariella

    *Singer* Sorry my computer went slow.But anyways he has an amazing voice.

  • Junia Bellisario

    I think that if justin doesn’t want to be with’s him choise

  • savannah


  • lucy

    Hi Justin i *♡*u so much i with i could. See u im ur biggest fan ever

  • lucy

    That is true love they are a good and beautiful. Couples’

  • IsaBella Red

    i love justin but from my perspective i think selena is very harsh on justin and he dosent deserve that and even if people can’t see how great of a person he is than there just trying to be mean.

  • B3l!3B3R

    txt me 864 200 1595

  • fanjustinbieber

    I think jb cute he wed with slena gomez

  • fanjustinbieber

    My dream is meet jb since 2009.

  • DannySaci

    Hey Beliebers My Name is Danny and i’m an Algerian BoyBelieber

  • jose

    is anyone on here gay
    because i dont want to be the only one

    • anthony

      you there

  • yea

  • Lizzy

    Hi lizzy justinbieber

  • Lizzy

    Hi lizzy justinbieber

  • Katie Smith

    Hello my name is Katie Smith and i just wanted to know who is really a justin fan… and who thinks that he is sexy forever

  • bobbie-lee

    hey Justin bieber



  • Geonna

    Hi everybody

  • Geonna

    Do y’all like my pictures

    • Geonna


  • Geonna


  • Lauren

    Justin thank goodness your here I haven’t felt like myself lately but then I reLized that you love us as a family so please tell me do you love us still

  • kelli

    Justin is like so hot

  • kelli


  • kelli

    Yes totally

  • Thereal Justin bieber

    Hey guys I’m Justin luv u all❤️❤️❤️Lum my fans


    Hi jb

  • Ashley


  • Justinsavenger1992

    I need belieber friends

  • Irina NC

    hi i am knew his

  • cat

    they do not make a good couple

  • rachel

    justin bieber,
    please text me back

  • rach

    i love u not her at all im sorrry
    pleses text me back

  • 1245789

    Hey this is my 1 time

  • annette

    justin bieber is my dream boyfriend

  • dejah


  • nicole

    i love you Justin been with u for 6 years and always will be xxxx belieber for life

  • Alexis

    Hi justin bieber

  • disqus_Ug4pJy7CFu


  • christinegonzalez

    Hi Justin bieber I love you

  • angel

    i agree @madisonbieber

  • Emilystefanik

    Hey justin bieber

  • Emilystefanik

    I really love justin bieber because he’s doing his own thing on stage and I love that very much

  • rfbhhjlp'[

    no they do not

  • jojo

    hi Justin am a big fan of yours

  • George

    My dad now works with jbs agent, i managed to find jbs number!! Thought you guys might want it to talk to him. 07427549335. Im not a fan but thought you guys would want it.

  • nevaeh

    hi justin i love u so much u are my idol

  • nahal

    oh.i love you justin

  • nahal


  • nahal

    yes.i agree with you

  • abbi

    i love you

  • audrina gatz


  • darielle

    hi beber

  • darielle

    they do make a good cople

  • darielle

    beber is so cute;)

  • jessica model

    hey boyfriend

  • Serenity Martinez

    justin and selena did make a great couple

  • Serenity Martinez

    hey justin

  • bobbie-lee

    hey Justin bieber

  • bobbie-lee

    you good

  • katy

    love jb

  • Angel Collins

    Yess I love jelena

  • POPPY407

    thoughts on justins new album ?

  • POPPY407


  • Louis Tomlinson

    I think Justin Bieber is a talented person,and his music sounds amazing!

  • noam.p


  • Anastsia

    Selena does’t deserve justin

  • Cherry

    Hey guys

  • skyler

    i love justin birber

  • samanthaowens

    I <3 you JB

  • Electra

    selena and Justin look cute together

  • Aly k

    Hiiiiiii :)

  • kimberly zamora

    yall are haters and bitches just because you guys can’t afford to talk or meet them in person doesn’t mean you can jugde

  • haga

    Shut the fuck up Beiber is a dick

  • kristen croft


  • Analis Jensen

    Hi Justin, My name is Analis, and I’m a big fan of yours.

  • Lydia

    whats up

  • lydia

    hi justin whats up love u and your music

  • Beliber

    Just talked to him!!!!!! Here is his number 818 830 8319

  • vigna

    hello who are you

  • vigna

    hello madison bieber who are you

  • vigna

    hello selena good evening who are you my names dominique57

  • vigna

    hello my names is Dominique 57

  • vigna

    justin is so sexy mec cool

  • vigna

    justin i love you baby my cœur

  • vigna

    he is si sexy xxx

  • vigna

    i like the music the voice

  • vigna

    justin my fan at me

  • vigna

    i love justin very good

  • justin

    hello my name’s is justin du 57

  • Justin Drew Bieber

    Hello Everyone,
    I appreciate my fans, if you are my true fan email me at at [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Justin Drew Bieber

    Less Hate, More Love

  • Jess Otero

    i completely agree with u

  • kayla

    where is justin anyway

  • anthony


  • anthony

    are you jose

  • anthony

    give me your email so we can video chat

  • anthony

    go on gruveo

  • caris


  • abel saci
  • kristina olson